Arrested While on Vacation

Getting arrested while on vacation is a horrible experience. Unfortunately, it happens to many Las Vegas visitors. We understand that it is a scary experience to be in jail in an unfamiliar town where you do not know anybody to call for help. This is why we accept calls for new criminal cases 24 hours a day and offer weekend appointments to accommodate your schedule.

Domestic violence, DUI, and marijuana possession are the most common types of cases we get from Las Vegas visitors.

When you are on vacation, the first priority is usually to get out of jail as quickly as possible. We will explain how to get out of jail, whether you should post bail, and if we can request an O/R release so you are not required to post any money for bail. Nevada is one of the few states that allows an attorney to contact a judge directly to ask for your release before arraignment. You should take advantage of this law.

Once you are released, you are almost always free to leave the State if you promise to return for your court appearances. Further, in most misdemeanor cases, we can resolve your matter without you ever actually making a court appearance. Call us now if you or a friend was arrested while you were on vacation in Las Vegas to find out how to get of jail and out of town!

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