Commercial Driver’s License

Persons having a commercial driver’s license (CDL) are subject to much stricter standards than those who have a non-commercial driver’s license. The legal alcohol limit is .08 for a non-commercial driver’s license, but it is .04 if you have a (CDL). Importantly, .04 is the legal limit whether you are operating commercial or non-commercial vehicle at the time of your arrest. In addition to alcohol, a CDL holder is prohibited from being under the influence of a controlled substance and/or any chemical, solvent, or poison to any degree which makes him incapable or safely driving or operating a motor vehicle. For a list of maximum amounts of controlled substances allowed in a driver’s blood, click here.

Nevada has adopted the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Act. This Act makes it mandatory to lose your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) for 1 year for a DUI conviction (in addition to the 90 day suspension of your non-commercial driving privileges). Subsequent DUI convictions will cause you to lose your CDL for life. For a full text of these federal laws click here.

If you have a CDL, you need a skilled attorney to challenge the DMV taking away your commercial driving privileges. Your life and livelihood is at stake. Further, if you have been ordered to lose your CDL for life, you can also challenge this decision. There is a way to get your lifetime suspension lifted so that you can legally drive with a CDL and work again. Call us now to find out how.


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