Concealed Firearm Permit

In Nevada, a concealed firearm is any firearm that is carried on a person in a way that an ordinary person cannot tell that you have the firearm.  You are allowed to carry a concealed firearm if you comply with the local rules and regulations.
When you submit an application to carry a concealed firearm, you simply need to list the category of firearm (revolver, semi automatic).  You do not need to list each, individual firearm that you own.  Further, you can apply for a permit to carry a firearm in Nevada whether or not you are a Nevada resident.  Additionally, as long as you are qualified under state and federal law to possess a forearm, the sheriff CANNOT deny your application.
The qualifications are that : (1) you must be age 21 or over; and (2) have successfully completed a firearm safety course approved by a Nevada sheriff or other certified instructor.  Your application can be denied for several reasons, including if you have a prior domestic violence or stalking conviction, have an outstanding warrant, and/or are a convicted felon.

If you think your application was wrongly denied, call us to help you.  You have the right to hire an attorney to contest the sheriff’s decision.

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