Las Vegas Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

If you are the driver of a motor vehicle that was involved in an accident where there was bodily injury or death, you have a duty to stop at the scene and remain there until help arrives. If you fail to stop, you could be charged with felony hit and run, which carries a 2 to 15 year prison sentence. If you are involved in an accident where there was just property damage, you may be charged with misdemeanor hit and run. This carries a potential jail sentence of 6 months.

Most people that are involved in a hit and run ask us the following questions:

  • Will the police know it was me if I didn't stop?
  • The police said I need to go down to the DMV to make a report. Will you go with me? Will I be arrested?
  • What should I tell the police?
  • I was driving someone else's car. Will the police find me?
  • My car was impounded. How do I get it back?

We have helped many clients who are facing hit and run charges. Oftentimes, for misdemeanor hit and run, we simply need make an appointment and take our client with us to the Hit and Run Detail at Metro, where the client is issued a citation. On the other hand, felony hit and run is much more serious and requires a skilled,detailed defense.

If you have questions about a potential hit and run case, call our office now to take advantage of our experience in this area of law.

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