How to get someone released from jail

Once you have located where an inmate is being held, there are four options to have someone released who has just been arrested:

  • You can post bail through a bondsman by paying the bondsman 15% of the total amount of bail.  The bondsman then posts the remainder of the bail for you.  It is beneficial to use a bondsman if you do not have the total amount of bail.  The downside is that the bondsman keeps the 15% that you paid him.
  • You can post the entire amount of bail for the inmate in all cash or with a credit card, in most cases.  You will need to check with each jail individually to determine their payment policies.  Most jails will not accept a personal check for bail. Contact information for the jails can be found on our site by clicking here.
  • You can wait to see if the inmate will be released on his own recognizance.  This means that he will be released without posting any money for bail.  In the Clark County Detention Center, persons charged with non-violent misdemeanors (such as a DUI) are most likely to be released on their own recognizance (O/R’d). 

Please note that the Henderson Detention Center does not release people on their own recognizance (O/R).  This means that you must post bail if you wish someone to be released before his first court appearance.

  1.  You can hire an attorney to appear and ask the judge to reduce the bail or release the inmate without posting any money.  Whether the judge will grant this request depends on: (1) the type and seriousness of the crime; (2) the inmate’s criminal history; (3) the inmate’s record of failing to appear, if any; (4) the length of time in the community; (5) family ties to the community, and (6) employment history.  In Nevada, bail requests for O/R and bail reduction can be made by an attorney directly to a judge before the first court appearance. 

Points to remember when you are posting bail:

If someone has been arrested, but you can’t find their information online, you may be contacting the wrong jail.  If you are calling the correct jail just after an arrest, it sometimestakes several hours to be processed.  If you call or check online while someone is being “booked” (fingerprinted, photographed, etc), you will not find any information and will need to check again later.  In extreme circumstances, if a person is arrested without identification, they may be booked as a “John Doe” or “Jane Doe.”  In this case, some form of identification is required before the person will be identified and/or released.  

If there is a “detainer” or hold, the person will not be released even if you post bail.  Detainers may be placed on an inmate for crimes occurring while on probation or immigration status.

If there is no bail showing or $0 bail, this may be due to the fact that the person is serving a jail sentence or the crime is a capital offense.  Bail will be set for nearly all crimes, but it may require a court appearance to ask the judge to set bail.

Once you post bail, it usually takes several hours to be released from the Clark County Detention Center.  They do not give release times.  The inmate will simply be released from jail when they are done being processed.


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