Interlock Device

An interlock device is a machine that is installed in a car which tests a person’s breath to determine the concentration of alcohol.  If the results of the test show that a person has a concentration of alcohol of 0.02 or more, the interlock device prevents the car from starting.

You may be required to put an interlock device on any car you own and any car you drive, at your expense, if you are convicted of a first, second, or third offense DUI.  Further, the  device can be ordered to remain on your car for anywhere from 3 to 36 months.

If the court orders the interlock device installed, you must provide proof of installation to obtain a restricted license or to reinstate your driving privileges.  Also, you must have the machine tested to ensure it is operating correctly after it is installed.

Additionally, if you have been ordered to install an interlock device and you drive a vehicle without it, or if you tamper with an interlock device, this is a serious offense which carries a sentence of a minimum of 30 days up to 6 months in jail.
Further, you can lose your driving privileges for 3 years.

If you hire a skilled DUI attorney, he may be able to convince the court that you should not have an interlock device placed on your car or your employer’s car as a condition before you can legally drive again.  The law contains exceptions to the interlock device requirement, and you need an aggressive, knowledgeable attorney who knows these exceptions to fight for you and convince the court not to order the device.


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