Payment Plans

We, at Mueller, Hinds, and Associates, understand that economic times are difficult now.  We also know that there can be very serious consequences for a criminal conviction.  For these reasons, we offer payment plans to all of our clients.  This agreement to pay over time involves you paying an initial down payment then making monthly payments until the remainder of the fee is paid in full.  We are able to accommodate almost everyone with a payment plan.
Once we agree to the terms of the payment plan, we put everything in writing.  All of our written agreements:

  1. Detail the scope of our representation;
  2. State, in detail, exactly what you are paying us for; and
  3. Outline the payment plan and dates payments are due. 

We will send you the fee agreement to review before our first meeting if you request a copy via email or fax.  Otherwise, we will give you a copy when you visit us in the office.  We encourage you to review the agreement by reading it entirely and taking it home with you, if necessary.  You are also encouraged to ask questions about the agreement and request any changes if you feel the agreement does not meet your needs. 

You should be wary of any attorney that does not or will not give you a written contract that explains what he will do for you and how much it will cost you.  There are several stages of the criminal process.  You do not want to hire and pay an attorney today only to find out months later that he will not represent you because he claims the money you paid did not cover the full cost of your defense.


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