People are usually charged with criminal trespass in Nevada when they enter a location they have been previously been told not to go.  Oftentimes, the casinos call the police and inform them that someone is on their property who had been asked not to return. 
Basically, a property owner or their representative can trespass (tell someone not to return) for any reason or no reason at all.  You do not actually need to be charged with or convicted of a crime to be trespassed from a location.  Further, if the business/casino owns several properties at different locations, you may be trespassed from all of their properties.

Common scenarios are the tourist who had a little too much to drink and was trespassed for being rowdy.  The casino told him to leave, but he later returned to obtain his belongings from his hotel room and was arrested.  Persons accused of shoplifting are usually trespassed from the store who thought they were stealing.  Likewise, persons arrested for domestic violence and women suspected or prostitution are usually trespassed.  A crime is not committed, however, until the trespassed person returns to the location.
If you have received a criminal charge of trespass from any location, call us now to try to avoid a criminal conviction.

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